What Is Los Angeles Famous for?

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What is Los Angeles famous for some may wonder, but a better question is what is Los Angeles not famous for? Los Angeles is famous for our 75 mile coastline with beaches from zuma beach, santa monica beach, santa barbara beach, hermosa beach, the list of beaches seems endless.

Personally, I am unsure what life without a beach to go to would be like. The calming sounds of the waves crashing against the rocks, the musicians playing their music at 3 am out on the beach, because we also have Hollywood and a lot of acting gigs end at 2 in the morning, so it is nice to go to the beach at 3 AM.

Hollywood is quite the place, whether you go there for the actors, or Griffith observatory, Griffith park, Magic castle, or just to hang out with friends Hollywood has something for everyone. Universal city, which is part of Los Angeles is most famous for, yes you guessed it Universal Studios. Universal studios has their own security for everything and named the area where the studios and theme park are located Universal city.

You should absolutely check out Universal studio as it is one of the famous theme parks in Los Angeles, however we also have six flags, the small, but awesome rides on Santa Monica pier, knotts berry farm, and Warner Brothers, which while it isn’t a theme park, most of the time at Halloween it is to a degree with Warner Brothers Horror Made Here.

Of course, Los Angeles is also known for it’s nightlife, whether it’s the viper room in West Hollywood, or troubadour who has Live Music with famous Los Angeles History, where performers who are now iconic performed there first, well, it is just one option, but what those in the night scene say they are both a good option.

What Los Angeles is famous for might be summed up for the vibe, because we have something for everyone. Yes, we have Halloween town and you may be thinking that is just a movie, no, no it isn’t Halloween town is the most famous area in Los Angeles if you are in need of a costume, makeup or anything Halloween anyday of the year, however in no way, shape or form am I saying the best shops are in Halloween town. I personally like a shop near a restaurant you would never believe is owned by Mcdonalds called Bobs big boys.

Bobs Big Boys is a 1950s themed restaurant where you sit down and enjoy a delicious meal. Bob Big Boys appears to act independent from  what the Mcdonald chain is famous for, which is good, because we can guarantee you won’t find a MC anything on that menu.

So what is Los Angeles famous for? Being awesome, is the only way we can sum it up.

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