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Get ready to explore Los Angeles tour packages and then go on an awesome trip through LA. Whether you want tours customized just for you, which is our private Los Angeles tour or you want our grand los angeles tour, we have it all. While our shorter tour is in the afternoon, it doesn’t mean it isn’t any less awesome. We see all the amazing Los Angeles sightseeing tour attractions. Below we give you a detailed image of what a day with us is like in LA.

  • board our Los Angeles tour bus and get ready to see the amazing, stunning Los Angeles city, hollywood and more!
  • Go to Hollywood walk of fame and walk where the celebrities have stood!
  • Have a picture opportunity with the world famous Hollywood sign behind you.
  • Stop at the Farmers Market at The Grove for an hour for lunch. A truly iconic Los Angeles tour location and very popular by the locals.
  • See the Griffith Observatory in real life, as it looks like it does below.
  • Our wise and experienced Los Angeles sightseeing tour guides will make your day amazing.
  • Our Los Angeles buses have air conditioning and are extremely comfortable to sit down and chill between stops.
  •  Some packages include Seeing certain famous stars homes!
  • Some packages include Santa Monica Pier.

Adult Price:$70 Child price:$65

book los angeles afternoon tours for $70.00


  • Prefer some privacy? We offer  Private Los Angeles Tours to take you from Downtown Los Angeles to Hollywood. You get to choose where you go or we can take you to all our favorite locations.
  • See LA your way!

    How are you the best rated Los Angeles Bus Tours?

  • We have five out of five stars in the Los Angeles  tours tripadvisor section and on Google reviews. This makes us the best Los Angeles tour company from our perspective along with hundreds of other people who agree in their reviews.

 What do we see on  Los Angeles  sightseeing Tours?


      • If you are on a private Tour of Los Angeles, you can customize your Los Angeles  tours trip to your hearts delight.
      • Our LA bus tours go to all the great places in Los Angeles, including Beverly hills, Hollywood, and more.
      • It doesn’t matter if you want to see the trendy sights of Beverly hills, or anything else you want to do, you can do it on a private tour of Los Angeles. We have been providing stellar Los Angeles tours for over 30 years.

             Where do your tours   pick up?

    • Our Los Angeles tours provide free pick-up in various locations for our Los Angeles sightseeing tours.
    • Find out if you’re eligible for our free Los Angeles bus tour pick-up by calling us at 213-385-3004 before or after booking your hotel. If you already booked a hotel, we can tell you if we pick up there or tell you how to get on our Los Angeles tour bus.

What did your customers think about their Los Angeles sightseeing Tours Experience?

Our customers are vocal about their Los Angeles Tours experience,  so we will let their statements speak for themselves

  • Muhammed says “No body could have a better tour. Paul was friendly and greatly helpful.”
  • Jerry Bilson says “I love the small groups, the tour guide interacted with all of us on the tour.”
  • Henry Sy says “Carlos the guide was both knowledgeable and funny, great overview.”
  •  Kathy Soto says “Paul was our driver, and he had us laughing throughout the day. “
  • Meredith H says ” I did the Grand City Tour on my first day in LA and it gave me a really good feel for the city. The guide was friendly and knowledgable, and the bus comfortable.” via tripadvisor
  • Southdakota says “This tour was a really great way to see the sites of LA and our tour guide, Paul, was prompt, friendly, and very knowledgeable about the history of EVERYTHING. ” via tripadvisor
  • Jing T says “They have a high end ride no less than a Mercedes Benz van to bring you around the best sights of LA.” via tripadvisor
  • Meredith says “I did the Grand City Tour on my first day in LA and it gave me a really good feel for the city. The guide was friendly and knowledgable, and the bus comfortable.”
  • Eric S says “My wife, daughter and I just finished a tour with Guideline Tours. Carlos was a great tour guide and the company provides excellent service…. highly recommend!”
  • Aberdeen says “This tour was a really great way to see the sites of LA and our tour guide, Paul, was prompt, friendly, and very knowledgeable about the history of EVERYTHING.”
  • Ginny says “We were lucky bought to have Paul be our tour operator for a 4 hr tour of LA and it’s sights.”
  • JD_dragna says “I have been on a bunch of tours of different cities across the world and this tour tops them all. ” via tripadvisor
  • dayna_butcher says “Paul gave a great tour of LA and was very informative on the culture and history. Overall a friendly, interesting tour, perfect if you don’t have long in LA and want to see the sights.” via tripadvisor

We have hundreds of  great reviews for our Los Angeles Tours, including these from customers who took our Los Angeles tours on tripadvisor and from Google reviews that you can read.
Sometimes certain attractions may become inaccessible. That is out of our control if that does happen. This rarely happens, but if it does happen we are unable to offer refunds.

                   Los Angeles Private Tours


                 Why Take A Private Tour Of  Los Angeles?

You’re probably coming a long way to see the amazing city of Los Angeles.
Our Los Angeles tour bus will make your memories quite memorable.


  • Our Los Angeles tour bus picks you up and drops you off at select hotels.
  • When you are touring with others, you’re usually expected to be quiet and respectful of them. On a private tour, you can let loose, have more fun, and enjoy the city.
  • As for the Los Angeles tour itinerary, you can either leave that up to us, or we can focus on the things that YOU want to see. Private  Los Angeles tours are fully customizable.


  • Put the maps away and relax.  Let us take care of the driving, traffic, and confusing roadways. That saves you money on taxis, parking and most importantly saves you your time.
  • No driving around in circles or wandering into the wrong neighborhood.
  • Now everyone gets to enjoy the city without worrying about the next turn or getting lost.

Private Los Angeles Sightseeing Tour Prices


How long are your Los Angeles tours?
Our tours vary, however our grand Los Angeles tour is 5 hours long.

Will there definitely be seats for us?
Yes. Some  competitors over-sell their tours, so that sometimes there are seats, sometimes not. Once you reserve with us, your seats will be yours for the entire tour. Also, our seats are nice and very comfortable. No plastic seats or wooden benches, like some Los Angeles tour companies provide.

Can we take lots of photos?
Absolutely. While you can take pics throughout the tour, we have photo stops. They are located in great places to get  pictures of Los Angeles.

Can we easily ask questions of our guide?
Our tour bus is the perfect size, so  you’ll be near your guide and able to ask questions (and get correct answers).


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