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Some say Los Angeles is part of Hollywood, pasadena, Orange county, Beverly hills, hollywood hills, Ventura county, Thousand oaks, Santa Monica, and the list goes on for quite awhile.

It sounds absurd, since Los Angeles is just one town, right? Well, in reality Los Angeles is more than one town, it in fact is a county, Los Angeles county. So, why were other counties listed in the list of being part of Los Angeles? Well, while Santa monica certainly has the beach, and the Hollywood hills certainly has Griffith park and Griffith Observatory, the other counties are metropolitan areas of, you guessed it Los Angeles. Los Angeles encompasses 5-8 counties, depending on whose estimate you are going by. The Los Angeles times claims Los Angeles metropolitan area is 8 counties and has been claiming this since 1999. They claimed it was only 7 counties in 1900, but had to add in one more 99 years later.

The majority of people are fine with Los Angeles metropolitan only being the five counties, which has something for everyone. Burbank is north of downtown Los Angeles and has the Burbank airport, which does not support international flights, unlike LAX which is far more crowded, but does support international flights.

Culver City is west of Downtown Los Angeles and is the home of Sony pictures and the sony studio lot, which is quite amazing, which you can get to from downtown Los Angeles if you use public transportation.

Long Beach is south of Downtown Los Angeles and has the ship many say is haunted called the Queen Mary. To make it extra scary every Halloween it is made extra scary.

Malibu is west of Santa Monica and is an amazing small, but awesome surfer location.

Monterey Park can be gotten to by using a TAP card and the metro trains. It is – east of Downtown Los Angeles and has great Chinese food.

Then there is Thousand oaks, which is part of the greater Los Angeles area, which has live theater, food, and plenty to see and do.

If you like giant shopping outlets, then just go a little further to the Camarillo shopping outlets where people come from around the world to shop.

Los Angeles is huge, when you include the greater area making around 18 million people living in what most consider to be Los Angeles. While Los Angeles is also just one town, it wouldn’t do the town justice to not include Hollywood, home to where some of the greatest videos have been made.

In Los Angeles county, you have china town, halloween town and so many other small towns, that aren’t actual towns, but are quite unique areas that you would certainly like to see. Most people don’t know about halloween town nor do they know it exists year round.

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