10 Los Angeles Things to Do that You’ll Love

10 Los Angeles Things to Do Blog
  1. Griffith Observatory is one of the most famous Los Angeles things to do and popular  sightseeing spots, because of how amazing Griffith Observatory is and because you can take a picture with the Hollywood sign in the background.
  2. Theme Parks: Are you into Los Angeles theme parks? We have everything from Universal Studios, Santa Monica pier, Knotts berry farm and many others that are tons of fun to go to. These are certainly things to do if you like a thrill.
  3.  Would you like to slide down the side of a 75 story building? We have that too! Some may say sliding down a 75 story building shouldn’t be a Los Angeles Thing To Do, but it is and for thrill junkies, it is a lot of fun.
  4.  Magic Castle: Do you love Magic? Do you have a friend who is a member of the famous magic castle? If you do, then you can attend one of the amazing and most exclusive attractions of Los Angeles. World renowned Magicians come to watch their friends perform while you can also come, if you can get a pass. This isn’t a cheap thing to do in Hollywood, which is a part of Los Angeles. Getting the pass is the first step, then you have to pay per person to enter and then pay for dinner. It is totally worth every penny, but for those on a budget, it is most likely outside your price range and if you don’t know someone, it is very hard to find a way to get in.
  5.  Do you love the Night Life and clubbing and  want to know where locals in Los Angeles do?   Then you will want to check out the viper room and troubador, two popular club locations and far cheaper than the Magic Castle, which is the most exclusive club in Los Angeles. The famous Los Angeles history of Troubador is worth a read.
  6.  Live performance lover and looking for things to do in Los Angeles? The Greek Theater and Hollywood Bowl have great performances from comedians and singers. You will want to check their websites, to see if there is anyone you want to see.
  7.  Broadway fan and looking for things to do in Los Angeles? We’ve got you covered with Pantages theater having shows like Wicked, Hamilton and many others tour from Broadway to Los Angeles and perform at Pantages theater.
  8.  Do you like instagram likes? Then you will want to go to Hollywood boulevard to the hollywood walk of fame for sure and go to the Griffith Observatory as stated above, as those are two very popular things to do in Los Angeles and top attractions.
  9.  Do you like celebrities? We go to select celebrities homes, which people love. We don’t spend our entire tour going to people’s homes, no, we want you to get a perfect tour doing things in Los Angeles, so we only go to a few select celebrity homes.
  10.  Do you want to do something none of your friends who have visited Los Angeles or maybe even live here have done? Ride the smallest train ride in the world! It is quite the story to tell your friends and is a thing to do in Los Angeles.
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