LA Sightseeing Tour Helps you Tour LA During The Best Time Of Year!

LA sightseeing tours are amazing, but what’s the best part about Los Angeles? The weather! That’s why Tours Los Angeles owned by Guideline Tours is allowed to take tourists from all over the world across our beautiful city year-round, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Some say the best time of the year to take Los Angeles Sightseeing Tours is in Fall and Winter — when the summer crowds leave the beaches so you can come explore them!

There’s no better time than now to take a LA sightseeing tour, whether it is a Beaches Only tour, or an LA City Tour with Beaches, with Guideline Tours! We’ll prove it to you — the average Los Angeles weather in October is a perfect 75 Degrees Fahrenheit, which is 23.8889 celsius. Now that weather’s not a problem, let’s go explore the  sandy beach shores Of Los Angeles! Our tour guides are experts in Los Angeles Sightseeing Tours, including the little beach communities of Venice and Santa Monica, which are hidden treasures that are amazing to see.
Here’s a Guideline Tours insider fact about Los Angeles’ most popular beaches. Did you know that the original “Muscle Beach” used to be south of the Santa Monica Pie, not Venice where it is now? The tumbling platforms, gymnastics, weight-lifting and bodybuilders were all in Santa Monica back in the day. But don’t worry, you won’t have to pick between Venice Beach and Santa Monica Beach, with Guideline Tours, you can see both!
So, don’t let chilly fall weather get you down, there’s nothing but blue skies here! Hang loose with us and we’ll tell you the best eateries, photo-ops spots and more along the Los Angeles Beaches Tour. Here is one of our photos of a group of people enjoying the beautiful weather on one of Guideline tours LA sightseeing tours.

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