Los Angeles Tours Are Fun

Downtown LA at nigh is fun

Los Angeles Tours provide fun LA sightseeing tours experience. It doesn’t matter if you want to go to the Griffith Observatory, see the hollywood sign, or do fun things on a Los Angeles tour like eating fancy food in downtown LA or going to Universal Studios. We provide excellent service in one of our fancy LA tour buses, no matter what you want to do.

During Halloween we took people on Los Angeles city tours and we saw this spectacular sight that you can only see in LA. People aren’t freaking out, because this is LA! When you live in LA you get used to walking with movie stars, ending up as an extra while crossing a street and other stuff that sounds crazy anywhere else in the world. A giant monster crossing Hollywood boulevard is just part of a regular day on an LA tour.


Don’t believe us that a Los Angeles Tour comes with amazing sights? We took this epic picture on our Los Angeles city tour that shows you all of LA, the way it’s meant to be seen.

If that photo from our LA city tour doesn’t look amazing, then maybe the fact that Los Angeles has a building that lets you slide down the side of it on a glass slide will make you reconsider how amazing our city is. Los Angeles is  an extremely cool town with everything you can imagine, whether it’s a club for only beautiful people (no, we can’t make this stuff up), the LA Kings Hockey team at Staple Center,  Griffith Observatory, Universal studios, actors, and even some of your favorite tech companies who are located by Santa Monica beach. Our grand Los Angeles tours  also include Santa Monica beach  where we will let you go and see the same ocean and walk on the same sand that tech mavericks have walked on when they need a break.


If that wasn’t enough to wow you, here is an awesome photo taken by us on our Grand Los Angeles tour that goes to the lovely Griffith Observatory. We believe the Griffith Observatory  is even more beautiful in person, instead of just in an image.  You can see the real stars from the gateway observatory and enjoy the beautiful sight.


Here is a group of happy tourists on our Grand Los Angeles tour having a grand time at the Griffith Observatory with the Hollywood sign in the background. We make sure you see all the sights worth seeing, since we know how valuable your time is.


If this hasn’t been enough to show you that you can have a great time on Los Angeles tours, then keep an eye on our blog to see more amazing sights of Los Angeles by Guideline Tours!

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