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Griffith Observatory Tour
Our Hollywood sightseeing tour takes you to the Griffith Observatory.

Do you want to go on a Hollywood sightseeing tour or on one of our extremely popular Los Angeles Sightseeing tours? Well, then Tours Los Angeles is the right place to learn about both Hollywood sightseeing tours  and Los Angeles Sightseeing Tours.  Tours Los Angeles owned by Guideline Tours has 30 years of experience giving high quality tours, so no matter what you want to do we can make sure you have a great time sightseeing Los Angeles and Hollywood You already know Hollywood has some of the most famous places in the world to see including the Chinese theater, which has an exquisite architectural design leaving you in awe at its beauty. If you are going on a   Hollywood sightseeing tour you have to see the Hollywood walk of stars where movie stars have put their handprints, and have their own star in the walk of stars which is a big honor for anyone to receive. It doesn’t matter if you’re an LA local or if you’re  a tourist, you will want to go on a Hollywood sightseeing tour to see these places in style.

Almost everyone has heard about the legendary Hollywood sign and if you’re taking a Hollywood tour, that is something you must see. It is a sight that’s very hard to forget.  Another Hollywood wonder of entertainment is Universal Studios, which we described in our Los Angeles Tours experience blog post 

If you go to Hollywood and take a Hollywood tour that doesn’t go to the Griffith Observatory, then you are missing out on a great sight that is a monument to public astronomy with telescopes and more. There is so much more to experience in Hollywood and if you want our help seeing it, you can review our packages to get a better view of what we offer and how we can customize your tour to be amazing.

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