California Fires Do Not Impact Los Angeles Tours, Weather, Beautiful Sightseeing Tour Spots or Air Quality

California Fires Do Not Impact Los Angeles Tours Blog

The California Fires do not impact our Los Angeles Tours or our weather. Our air quality  is is good and none of our sightseeing tour spots were affected by the fires. Los Angeles is far outside the path of the fires, they are in an area far away from us. They impacted a town called Thousand oaks, Woodland Hills and some other towns far away from the beautiful sightseeing tours in Los Angeles. Most don’t know that most consider Los Angeles to be comprised of five counties, which is why the inaccurate reporting is talking about  another counties fire while using the Los Angeles name. We want to be very clear, the fires are not impacting Los Angeles county. Everything is fine here and perfect for Los Angeles tours, Los Angeles sightseeing tours and anything else to see the amazing sights in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and other awesome areas.



We would like to thank the  many California firefighters and all the firefighters from other states who are helping  put down these decelerating fires. We look forward seeing you on our Los Angeles Tour.

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