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  1. Hollywood walk of fame is absolutely considered the top attraction in Los Angeles by most who tour our great city. Yet as a local, I don’t agree with it being number one. So what should be number one? Keep reading to find out.
  2. Griffith Park Observatory is one of the top attractions in Los Angeles, no doubt about it. If you take time outside of a tour to go inside, it is absolutely magical for a space geek. You can actually touch pieces of other planets. What makes it the absolute best for astronomy lovers is the Zeisst telescope, best to use at night. The line can be half an hour to over an hour long, but it is worth every second of the wait.
  3.  The Griffith Park Trails are perhaps the best Los Angeles Attraction, that is also a well kept secret. The trails are absolutely magnificent with views that are absolutely stunning. This certainly would be a good place for a marriage proposal and is what I think should be the number one top attraction of Los Angeles.
  4. Hollywood Boulevard and Vine are quite popular with those who like to tour Los Angeles.
  5.  Hollywood Sign is something every tourist in Los Angeles loves, which again makes Griffith Observatory great, so you can take a picture with it behind you instead of hiking for miles to the sign.
  6. Greek Theater is certainly on the list, as it has some of the most popular performers who go there.
  7. Dodger stadium is as always, absolutely amazing. If they aren’t playing, others use the stadium lot. Last year, Cirque Du Soleil used the Dodger Stadium lot and it was great.
  8. Manns Chinese theater would be higher up on the list for most people, and while it is a marvel of architecture and very popular with those who tour Los Angeles, being at number 8 is a good spot for the Manns Chinese theater.  We are  listing what is popular and what locals know about, so mixing them together makes a unique list.
  9. Disney Concert Hall is again a fabulous work of architecture, that took forever to become reality. It is a great photo opportunity location, which we do stop at.
  10.  It’s hard just to pick ten, but one of my favorite places is Pantages Theater, which we see on our Los Angeles Tour. Hamilton, Wicked and many other famous broadway tour plays have been performed there.
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