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As I was viewing some of our private Los Angeles Tour sightseeing spots, a gust of wind hit my back and flew over my shoulders gracefully. The wind wasn’t cold, because this is Los Angeles.  I could see everything while viewing Griffith Park trails and sightseeing the most exquisitely breathtaking  views in Los Angeles. All of Los Angeles was in my view, and not just the city of Los Angeles, but cities beyond it. I could’ve seen further if the tallest mountain peaks out in the distance, did not block my view. As I was taking in the beautiful sightseeing tour spots of Los Angeles, I heard Dave, the tour guide say “ Los Angeles, the city of Angels.”

This view certainly can make one believe the name city of angels as  literally saying the city has angeles soaring over it, even though it does not.

The stunning views of Griffith Park trails are something people come all around the world to see, and yet they’re so close to me. If there is one spot you should go on a private Los Angeles tour, it certainly is the Griffith park trails.


I don’t expect you to believe me, which is why I have photos to show the beauty of Los Angeles that I am describing. The skyscrapers soaring high into the sky looked straight out of a movie where they are zooming in on a populated city. Perhaps they look that way, because so many Hollywood movies are made in Hollywood. This is the perfect place to take that shot for a city with giant skyscrapers, lights, and signs on top of building all visible high up in the sky.


If you took a selfie here, your friends would be jealous and it would probably do very well on Instagram.


There are so many beautiful things to see in Los Angeles, it’s hard to prioritize, but this is certainly one of my favorites.

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