How Much Do I Tip Los Angeles Hotel Maid?

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Hotel maids in Los Angeles deserve and quite frankly, need a tip. While some sites say $1-5 is an appropriate tip for a hotel maid in Los Angeles and elsewhere, we disagree with that. Hotel maids have a very hard job and provide excellent service with a large portion of people not tipping them.

Adding in the fact that on average a hotel maid in Los Angeles  have a job that doesn’t pay enough for a living wage in Los Angeles, we believe you should tip your maid $10 everyday, because different maids do your room each day. If you believe the maid did a bad job at your hotel, then do as you please, but if you are thrilled by the job the maid did in your hotel room, absolutely give them a tip that equals their professionalism.

How do I pay my hotel maid in Los Angeles?

The How part in tipping a maid is hard. Leaving money out, does not mean the maid will take it as they are careful to not take your money. The best way to tip your hotel maid in Los Angeles is to either use an envelope or a piece of paper that clearly states the money on it is for the maid. I go so far as to try to learn the name of my maid each day and put their name on the envelope. If I skipped a day I will put something like below

to: Monday Maid

Amount: $10

Great job! Thank you so much!

  • $5-$10 would be an appropriate minimum to pay your hotel maid in Los Angeles each day. In our opinion for excellent work by a maid, it should be met by a fair tip.
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