Where Can I See Hollywood Celebrities Today? Lin-Manuel Miranda & Weird Al Will Be Appearing at — Read Tours Los Angeles to Find Out!

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Where can I see Hollywood Celebrities today? That’s a popular question that we have the answer too!  Today Lin Manuel Miranda is receiving his Hollywood Walk Of Fame star at 6243 Hollywood blvd, which most don’t know is right in front of the Pantages Theatre. Lin Manuel Miranda who created Hamilton and Weird Al Yankovic who is famous for his parodies will be speaking today. Weird Al recently made a paraody of Hamilton, which Lin Manuel Miranda loved.

What other Hollywood Celebrities can we see today? Well, Renee Elise Goldsberry who first played Angelica in Hamilton will also be in front of the Pantages Theatre!

Getting a star in the Hollywood Walk of fame is a huge honor and not easy to do, even when you have the money to buy one. The Hollywood chamber of commerce is very selective on who, when and where they give a Hollywood Walk of fame star too. Lin Manuel Miranda will be the 2,643rd Hollywood Celebrity to get their star in the amazing and absolutely stunning Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

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