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Hollywood District of Los Angeles is most commonly known simply as Hollywood that our Los Angeles Tours go to. 

Our Los Angeles Tours stop at the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, on Hollywood blvd. Hollywood blvd in Los Angeles was originally called Prospector avenue, but was later changed to Hollywood blvd.

Hollywood got it’s name since a rancher’s wife heard about a dutch settlement called Hollywood. Her Husband in the 1880’s liked the name, so he named his ranch Hollywood.  In 1887, her husband filed a map of  Hollywood trying to make it become a town, hence the myth that Hollywood is a town was created.

Hollywood ultimately did not become a town due to not having enough resources to sustain itself, so it is still a district of Los Angeles, California.

Our Hollywood tours, one of the popular districts of Los Angeles is an area people want to tour.

Why Hollywood is popular today skips forward 30 years to when the first Hollywood Celebrities, including Charlie Chaplin and Cecile Demille came to Hollywood. Charlie Chaplin opened Charlie Chaplin studios, one of the first movie studios in Hollywood. Hollywood tours weren’t extremely popular in 1917, but the interest in Hollywood increased when the Hollywood sign, seen below was first put up to advertise what was originally called Hollywoodland, but was changed to Hollywood after the last four letters of the sign were broken beyond repair.

The first Academy awards, also known as Oscars in Hollywood , Los Angeles started in 1929, which today are a popular Los Angeles Tours location. The Oscars are known as the academy awards, but got the nickname Oscar since the Academy Award Librarian, Margaret Herrick thought the gold plated statue looked like her Uncle Oscar.  Margaret later became the executive director of the Academy Awards.

In the 1950’s, the word of Hollywood had spread around the world. People came flocking to the famous town of Hollywood where people became stars, The first commercial television station KTLA started broadcasting and is still broadcasting today. KTLA is one of the main local news stations in the Los Angeles area.   

You will find out a ton more about Los Angeles, home of the district of Hollywood when you take a Los Angels tour with us. 

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