When Is the Best Time to Visit Los Angeles?

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March through November are the most popular times to visit Los Angeles, popular is not always best time to visit Los Angeles, since  best is subjective.

Every single day of the year is a great day to see awesome Los Angeles sightseeing tour locations, so let’s look at this question in a different way and try to define what the best time to visit Los Angeles is to you.

When is it least likely to rain in Los Angeles? Well, we rarely ever get rain, but when we get that rare sprinkle of rain that is around December or January, although it is sometimes sporadic when that occurs.

So, if you want to avoid the off chance of the smallest amount of rain, then December and January aren’t optimal for you.

When is it hot in Los Angeles? Well, depending where you are from, it is always hot. June, July and August are always hotter. Our weather can range from 21.11 celsius, also known as 71 degrees to over 40 degrees celsius, also known as 104 degrees. The hottest day this year on record is 109 degrees, however that number is disputed, with some saying it reached 118 degrees or 47.77 celsius.

When are you most likely to see a celebrity? Celebrities work all over southern California and some of the biggest studios are in what people consider to be Los Angeles, so there is always a chance you might meet a celebrity.

When is it cold in Los Angeles? That would be November through March, is what we consider cold. That is around 70 degrees and a hot day during that time is in the  80 degrees. In celsius that is 21.1 to 26.6, which even on a cold day, that we think is hot it still is nice.

So, now use all of that information and decide what do you think is a best time to see Los Angeles?

If you think the best time to visit Los Angeles is when it is cold,  then come from  November through March and get the 70-80 degree days, on average.

If you think the best time to visit Los Angeles is when it is hot? Then come June through August.

If you think the best time to visit Los Angeles is when there are celebrities here, then come every single day of the year.

That is a professional view over the subjective word best and when to visit Los Angeles.

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