5 Places to See Famous People in Los Angeles

5 Places to See Famous People in LA Blog

If you live here the question feels like where can you not see famous people in Los Angeles. If you are asking where can I see famous people in Los Angeles, you are probably a tourist. To help you out, we have put together a list of 5 places to see famous people in Los Angeles.

  1.  Actors are near or on movie studio lots on opening nights for events. Movie studios that open their doors to the public are known to pull in big name stars the first and second night. You might see some stars if you go the opening night to those type of events.
  2.  Performances are one place you run into famous people who aren’t performing. Why? Because they live here, and it is just a night out.
  3.  The hotel on Hollywood blvd near TCL Movie theater is used sometimes. This is generally when a hollywood star is being unveiled in that vicinity.
  4.  There is a higher probability to see them at the TCL movie theater the night before a hollywood star unveiling, than the same day it was unveiled. The TMZ chicken gets in their face and they’ve been in the hot sun for hours on a sidewalk with the fans and cameras.
  5.  If the type of famous person you are looking for are magicians, then they like the Magic Castle. The Magic Castle is exclusive and for those who get in, you can’t prove who you saw. The Magic Castle has a no photography rule, that is strongly enforced. It is not cheap to go to the Magic Castle and the dress code is very strict or you aren’t allowed in. The Magic castle isn’t inexpensive for most budgets, so plan accordingly. Also, find a way to obtain Magic Castle tickets 3 to 4 months in advance of going there and book in advance.


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