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Los Angeles Tours are perhaps the number one way to go sightseeing in Los Angeles. We are very proud to provide excellent sightseeing tours of Los Angeles, Hollywood and the greater Los Angeles area. Whether you are eating near rodeo drive, or taking a picture at the Hollywood sign, you are always having a great tour with Los Angeles tours.


What makes a tour great? We provide water in our air conditioned bus. We take you to the best sightseeing spots in Los Angeles. Our Drive-by tours are also the best routes in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles tour routes for sightseeing are sometimes hectic, other companies will have you waiting for a long time. We don’t do that, because we refuse to do hop on hop off tours, since they don’t work in Los Angeles.


What is your dream Los Angeles vacation? What makes it so amazing? As A citizen of the area I sometimes go on vacations in LA, even though I am here all  the time. I stay at the hotels and I see what the people love so much. They love the palm trees, the cool breeze that isn’t brrr, freezing cold, but a nice 70 degrees at night. It is the perfect temperature so day or night you can be swimming, if you are the type of person who can swim when it is 70 degrees or even 60 degrees out.

Is a Los Angeles tour worth booking because of our packages of Los Angeles Tours? Or is it because of how awesome the Dodgers, LA Kings, and the La convention center is?

Perhaps you are mesmerized by Hollywood boulevard or the Hollywood walk of fame. They certainly are popular tourist spots.  Maybe you are more into the Hollywood celebrity scene and hope to see a famous person or actor you like.

Perhaps you’ve came here because you want to see a big ordeal over the newest Hollywood walk of fame star being put in place where said star will be. Whatever your reason is our tour packages and sightseeing tour experiences of Los Angeles are the best.

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