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Los Angeles Tour Packages go sightseeing on a Tour bus in LA, and it is a lot of fun. We go to Hollywood walk of fame, Hollywood blvd, the farmers market also known as the grove, among many other amazing places.

Why go on a tour with us you may ask yourself. We let you customize your tour with our private LA tours or go on our tour that we have carefully curated to make it great for groups where we see the above locations.

We do not go to this breathtaking location on our curated tour, and it is by request on our private tour. We call it the Griffith park trail view

Los Angeles private tour
Los Angeles private tour view from Griffith park trail — by request only.

If that isn’t breathtaking enough, we have even more awesomeness. What might that be you ask? How about the Hollywood walk of fame, yes that is right the legendary Hollywood walk of fame. We see the best Los Angeles locations and we let you see them too.

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