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Our Los Angeles Sightseeing Tour with photos lets you see amazing Los Angeles locations we visit.

Griffith Observatory one of our Hollywood sightseeing stops

While we do not go in Griffith Observatory, you have enough time to get a photo with the Hollywood Sign on our Grand Los Angeles Tour. There is trail access to the left of the Griffith Observatory. That trail will lead you to the amazing view below.

Los Angeles sightseeing tours
Los Angeles Sightseeing Views at Griffith Park trail

Please make sure to ask your driver if it is possible to sightsee on the Griffith Park Trail. You can see this trail for sure on a private tour. Call us at +1 213-385-3004 to book a private LA Tour.

Tours Los Angeles Customers at Hollywood Walk of Fame Stop Getting a Photo Opportunity

Tours Los Angeles does stop at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, which is a great place for photo opportunities. The picture above is where our tourists took advantage of a great photo opportunity. Photos like these are great to share with your friends or to livestream to the world.

Hotel where Pretty Woman was made is on the tour where we go to Beverly Hills
The hotel where a scene of Pretty Woman was made is on the tour where we go to Beverly Hills.

When we go to Beverly Hills and drive down Rodeo Drive, we eventually come to this iconic scene out of Pretty Woman that has not changed a bit and is a real hotel.

Rodeo Drive shopping center in Beverly Hills that you see on a tour by Tours Los Angeles

The above shopping center on Rodeo Drive is very popular and shortly after we pass the Prada store. It is an amazing architectural design and absolutely breathtaking. Beverly Hills is quite the sight to see.

These are just a few amazing attractions in Los Angeles that we see that we’re sure you will enjoy. We look forward to you enjoying our Los Angeles Tour.

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