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Los Angeles bus tours and Hollywood bus tours are great. You get to see all the amazing sights with an expert Los Angeles tour guide. Our customers like our Los Angeles bus tours, because we take them to all the amazing places. We will show you some of the places we take our customers on a normal day during a Los Angeles Bus Tour in this article.

Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory Tour


Griffith Observatory is a breathtaking sight that lets you stare at the stars inside of it. You can see all of Los Angeles on this tour and it truly is breathtaking. You are at an elevation of 800 feet, so you can see everything from the Hollywood sign to all the buildings in Hollywood and Los Angeles.

Our Los Angeles bus tours or our Hollywood bus tours, depending on which one you chose for the day will then whisk you away to another amazing sight. What sightseeing location you go to is all up to which Los Angeles Tour you booked.

Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Walk of fame on Los Angeles Tour

If you are on a Hollywood Bus tour, you certainly will see the Hollywood walk of fame, because it is so amazing. So many stars including Tom cruise and countless others have put their handprints in the wet cement, leaving an imprint of their hand forever. Who knows, maybe someday thousands of years from now historians may wonder why so many handprints are in one place with names, like Gene Austin, Tom Cruise, Gene Autry, and so many more.

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Tour
Unlike the Beverly Hillbillies, you will be going to Beverly Hills in style on an LA Bus Tours in one of our luxury Mercedes. Beverly hills has everything from Rodeo drive to amazing shopping. We certainly love Beverly Hills and love going there on our Los Angeles Tours.
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