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Hollywood walk of fame is a very popular Hollywood tour spot that we visit during our Hollywood Tours of Los Angeles. We take our customers there during the hollywood tours part of some of Tours of Los Angeles tours and as you can see below they love it! The Hollywood walk of fame has the handprints of famous actors and actresses, like Ryan Reynolds, Amy Adams, Kevin Hart and so many more famous celebrities.

As you can see these customers are very happy at the Hollywood walk of fame making the peace sign and smiling a pearly white smile.

Walk of fame on Los Angeles Tour


Some of these famous moments in time where celebrities like Ryan Reynolds  get their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame have been captured and put online for you to watch.


If you want to go on  Hollywood Tours of Los Angeles and see amazing sights, then you’re at the right site to book excellent Los Angeles tour guides that have great trip advisor ratings. What else is there to see in hollywood? Well, we saw this photo one day.

What is that monster? We aren’t entirely sure, it sorta looks like a dementor, which people love seeing when we take them to Universal Studios when they go to Universal Studios and they go to Hogswarts and go on the Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey ride. You see all sorts of things in Hollywood, including actors, all sorts of sights you couldn’t imagine, movie stars homes, and so much more.

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