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The Disney Concert Hall was built by the architect Frank Gehry and was designed to look like a clipper ship with it’s sails filled with wind. According to WTTW, this is due to Frank Gehry’s love of sailing. The Disney Concert hall came to be, because of Lillian Disney who donated 50 million dollars to build a performance venue for the people and for people taking tours of Los Angeles. Construction of the Disney Concert hall had to stop, since the budget needed to finish the construction of the concert hall far surpassed Lillians generous donation of 50 million dollars. Lillian did not know that her dream of a Disney concert hall  would take till  2003, although she may have known it would become an iconic Tours of Los Angeles stop for anyone taking LA Tours.

So many of our wonderful tourists have loved taking pictures in front of this amazing Disney Concert hall and have come from all around the world to take Tours Of Los Angeles. These tourists came from Istanbul, Turkey and had a wonderful time with their selfie stick and posing in front of the Disney concert hall.

These tourists came from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to go on a Los Angeles tour and certainly loved their Tours Of Los Angeles!

This family from Australia loved our Los Angeles Tour and number wise Australians really love Tours Of Los Angeles! As you can see the kids rock star t-shirt captures the soul and heart of Los Angeles.

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