What Is a Day in LA Like While Taking One of Your Los Angeles Tours?

What Is a Day in LA Like Blog

A day in LA can be great, if you plan your day properly. Think of us as your day planners for the day you would love to have before you ever even know you want it. We make sure to carefully craft every Los Angeles tour we give to make sure your day in LA is absolutely perfect.

Our Los Angeles Tours come from 36 years of experience crafting, curating, and perfecting each stop, each sight, each place you will go so you have a great experience one could possibly have on our Tour. We  make our tours, so  even if you only have one day in LA you will leave feeling great and having seen some of the most famous Los Angeles sightseeing spots, that us locals see quite often.

So where will you be going on your one day in LA?

We will be adjacent to Beverly Hills drive where we stop for lunch. You can eat Cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory almost on Beverly Hills drive, one of the most famous roads in California.

We will stop at the famous, amazing, fantastic Hollywood Walk Of Fame and you will get to see the Hollywood stars names in the sidewalk.

We will go by the Pantages Theater, which if you have a night in LA, you should see if there is a live theater performance happening to go see. We do not provide tickets, but they certainly are amazing shows. Hamilton performed there last year along with many other world famous plays and world famous theater actors and actresses.

We will go by the Disney Concert hall and where the home of the Oscars used to be. We will see sights that will make your friends green with envy. We spend our days carefully curating and perfecting the tour you take on  your day in LA, so you don’t have to. We are your day planners, your tour guide, your eyes of Los Angeles. We will see you soon on your Los Angeles Tour.

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