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Los Angeles tours is what we are all about. Our Los Angeles tour guides give you the best Los Angeles tour experience, which is   one  reason why our Los Angeles tours are an award winning travel company by viator, a tripadvisor company.


What type of Los Angeles Tours do you do?

Our Los Angeles tours takes you to all the hotspots including Hollywood walk of fame, universal studios, Los Angeles beach, The hollywood sign, Griffith park, the original farmers market, Hollywood, Beverly hills and more.

The Los Angeles beach is located in Santa Monica and is the Santa Monica beach, which is part of Los Angeles and is in the famous area called Silicon Beach. The Silicon beach is where giant companies are in southern California, similar to Silicon Valley in Northern California.

We go to Hollywood and go to all the hotspots including the Hollywood walk of fame, which Our Los Angeles tourists love, since Our Los Angeles tour guides make sure they have a great time.

Walk of fame on Los Angeles Tour

We love Griffith Observatory, which let’s people see the stars and you can see the hollywood sign from there.  As you can see in the picture below this family from Florida truly enjoyed Griffith Park on their private Los Angeles Tour.

Ever wanted to see the Hollywood Chinese theater? Well, we go by there as well. We believe we provide the best Los Angeles tours and our viator tripadvisor travel award that we won this year helps show how great our Los Angeles tours truly are.

Have you ever wanted to see a picture of the Hollywood Chinese theater? Well, you are in luck.

Hollywood Chinese theater

Hollywood Chinese theater

We stopped by the famous Staples center in Los Angeles on a tour and a family who lives near copenhagen, denmark took their picture while on their LA vacation in front of the staples center while on our tour.



Do you like thrill rides? Our Los Angeles tours stop at Universal Studios part of our grand city tour, if you want to see the amazing world of Harry Potter, the simpsons, Jurassic park, and so many other amazing sights to see at Universal studios.



You may think we are just a Los Angeles tour company, but we also go to Beverly hills and if you want to get a picture with the Beverly Hills sign you can or if you want to see the amazing Rodeo drive, you can do that as well.

LA Bus Tours Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive



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