Don’t Book Hop-On Hop-Off Open-Top Los Angeles Bus Tours Right Now — It’s Too Hot!

Don't Book Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour Blog

Booking hop on hop off open top Los Angeles tours is popular for tourists who don’t know the area, but thankfully we do. Thermostats registered last Saturday at 118 degrees outside, which is extremely hot. Thankfully for our guests we do not do hop on hop off or open top tours, so they were in air conditioned Mercedes Benz. We went past open top hop on hop off tours and the people looked highly uncomfortable and unhappy unlike our tourists who were happy in everyone of our air conditioned Los Angeles tour bus.

We arent saying  hop on hop off open top Los Angeles tours aren’t good, however they do have some glaring flaws when applied to Los Angeles. The hop on hop off model doesn’t work well in LA where there is a lot of traffic, making a tour model that’s great in other cities not function nearly as well in ours. When you tour Los Angeles you need to have air  conditioning and great tour guides and we have both.

This is your friendly reminder that it is hot in LA, so be careful what type of Los Angeles bus tour you take!

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