American Speech-Language-Hearing 2017 in Los Angeles

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The American Speech-Language-Hearing convention of 2017 will be in Los Angeles at the Los Angeles convention center. If you are unfamiliar with the american speech-language-hearing conference, then keep reading. This conference is for audiologists, hearing scientists, speech-language pathologists and anyone else in the linguistic field.

While the ASHA website does have a handy link to show you some of the things you may want to see while in Los Angeles, that site does not nor can it let you see the city the way we do. We take you on tours to all the great los angeles sightseeing tours locations. Where we go depends on each Los Angeles tour package you choose, however we are experts at Los Angeles tours, just like those speaking at the American Speech Language Hearing convention are experts in their field.

We give tours to people from all over the globe. As you can see this happy family is from Angola.

This couple is from Tel Aviv, Israel just leaving the original farmers market.

We pride ourselves in giving  great tours, so if you need a break from the convention or have some free time, just come grab a Los Angeles tour with us.

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