The Los Angeles Original Farmers Market is great. The LA originals Farmers Market had been in Los Angeles since 1934 and is the oldest farmers market in LA.

You will find family owned businesses, international businesses and specialty stores. Get a taste what the Los Angeles Original Farmers Market is like in their video

The Los Angeles Grand Central Marketplace has existed for over 100 years. There is every type of food you could imagine at the Los Angeles Grand Central Marketplace. A video review of the Los Angeles Grand Central Marketplace is great insight to what it is like.

As you can tell this place is massive with tons of places to eat and all sorts of choices to choose from. We do not go here on our Los Angeles tours, instead we go to the original farmers market. Nonetheless, this is a neat place in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles concerts are great. Los Angeles is a place where the best musicians perform, which is why Weird Als concert performed in Los Angeles  for two days. What is a Los Angeles concert like? Let’s take a peek into the weird Al Los Angeles concert.

It looks awesome. That is the ace theater at the ace hotel. We do not pick up at the ace hotel, but ourLos Angeles toursare totally worth booking to see the amazing sights.

The crypto summit is at at Los Angeles convention center. What is a crypto summit? It’s where some brilliant minds convene to discuss crypto currency in Los Angeles. When is the Los Angeles crypto summit? April 30th through May 2nd. There are less than 100 tickets left, and that’s only due to the fact that after the LA crypto summit sold out they made 100 tickets available.
If you’re staying for the whole summit, you may want to go for a Los Angeles bus tour and take a break from all the noise and see the sights of Los Angeles. Doesn’t matter if you live near LA, seeing Los Angeles like a local is worth every penny.


Los Angeles Dodgers win against SF Giants for the first time this season. The first two days the Los Angeles Dodgers didn’t make a single point, but today they didn’t win with one point, they won with 5 points Los Angeles Dodgers and 0 points San Francisco Giants. Below is a video showing a tiny bit of their amazing game.



He certainly did make it look easy, but this has not been an easy start for the Los Angeles Dodgers, instead it’s been a rough start. This win could be a sign that they are getting their head in the game, but right now the Giants still have won the first two games and they won this game, so it’s Giants 2, Dodgers 1.

Don’t worry, if you are Dodger blue all the way, the Los Angeles Dodgers have a chance of making this a tie on Sunday and on April 7th, they could come out Dodgers 3, Giants 2 thus beating the SF Giants thus far, but that means they couldn’t lose a single game against the Giants for the next week, which based on their historical pattern this season, which is quite small since the season started this week, but based on that pattern the chance of the Los Angeles Dodgers winning the next 2 games against the Giants is unlikely. The only way that could happen is if  this game shows that the Los Angeles Dodgers  have their heads back in the game and will keep playing like this every game. Weirder things have happened in baseball, so Dodger fans can only hope they make this turn around and fast or it will be a very sad baseball season for LA Dodger fans.

Deadmau5 Los Angeles tour stop is happening March 31st, Saturday 2018. Everyone knows Deadmau5 and if you don’t know Deadmau5, you have to go see them in Los Angeles at The Wiltern or listne to their music on music on our Los Angeles events and tour site.

What is so great about deadmau5 and why should you catch their Los Angeles Tour stop?  All of the music is generated through computers, yet sounds so perfect it is beyond amazing. Deadmau5 stands for dead mouse, but he is anything but dead. His music is lively and brings you to life, no matter how you feel. Deadmau5 Los Angeles tour stop is a must-see.

Check out Deadmau5 song strobe, which has something for everyone in it


Giants have won Los Angeles dodgers 2 days in a row, both days with the Dodgers scoring 0 points. This is seriously bad mojo for the Los Angeles Dodgers, but great for the SF Giants.

The Giants while only making one point in each game still show that they will be going far this baseball season. Sadly, the Los Angeles Dodgers have not scored a single point in the last two days.

What can the Los Angeles Dodgers do to turn this around? They can win Saturday and Sundays game against SF Giants to at least bring this weeks match with the giants to a tie. Otherwise, this will be an extremely terrible start to a baseball season for the Dodgers.

Go root for the Los Angeles Dodgers this weekend even if you are a giants fan, because the Dodgers need all the support they can get.

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Everyone loves music and Los Angeles is a popular place for music fans to come to. Los Angeles tours are great to take while you are here prior or after your concert. We write about musicians, comedians, and other people who are coming to Los Angeles, because as a Los Angeles tour company we want to not only be able to tell you great information about tours, but also have Los Angeles events and top attractions in Los Angeles on our site.

A few Los Angeles events we have written about very recently are Weird al’s Los Angeles Tour stop, Jeff Dunham Los Angeles tour stop and Marshmellos Los Angeles tour stop. Los Angeles is a hub for music, comedy, and the arts, but it is also a great place to take a tour.

You can see the sights of Los Angeles while listening to music from Marshmello, Weird Al, or anyone else you love on your iPhone, or you could listen to the tour guide show amazing sights and tell you the history of Los Angeles and many amazing spots. If you came to Los Angeles for the Marshmello concert you could also get your picture taken with the Hollywood sign in the picture behind you. We do this on our tour at Griffith park.

We go to some of the amazing areas and have great tour stops that you will love. Nonetheless feel free to subscribe to our site for Los Angeles events info and Los Angeles tour info.

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Marshmello tour Hits Los Angeles March 31st at 8 pm  at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Like all awesome Musicians, Los Angeles is on Marshellmos tour. Whether you are a Los Angeles native or you are a tourist in Los Angeles that loves Marshmello, you will want to catch him while his tour is in Los Angeles city.

What’s your favorite Marshmello song? Lonely is a good one, that you can listen to below, if you’ve never heard of Marshmello. Leave a comment with your favorite Marshmello song.


Giants win against Los Angeles Dodgers opening day 1-0. Los Angeles Dodgers would’ve won if this was dodge ball, but this is baseball. We are psyched for Los Angeles Dodgers play off against San Francisco Giants Friday to see if the Dodgers can at least walk away with a tie.

While the Los Angeles dodgers didn’t win the game, you can still enjoy yourself and go sightseeing on A los Angeles bus tour and hope the Dodgers do their town proud Friday and end the week with a tie.