5 Places To See Famous People In Los Angeles.


If you live here the question feels like where can you not see famous people in Los Angeles. If you are asking where can I see famous people in Los Angeles, you are probably a tourist.  To help you out, we have put together a list of 5 places to see famous people in Los Angeles.

  1.  Actors are near or on movie studio lots on opening nights for events. Movie studios that open their doors to the public are known to  pull in big name stars the first and second night. You might see some stars if you go the opening night to those type of events.
  2.  Performances are one place you run into famous people who aren’t performing. Why? Because they live here, and it is just a night out.
  3.  The hotel on Hollywood blvd near TCL Movie theater is used sometimes. This is generally when  a hollywood star is being unveiled in that vicinity.
  4.  There is a higher probability to see them at the TCL movie theater the night before a hollywood star unveiling, than the same day it was unveiled. The TMZ chicken gets in their face and they’ve been in the hot sun for hours on a sidewalk with the fans and cameras.
  5.  If the type of famous person you are looking for are magicians, then they like the Magic Castle. The Magic Castle is exclusive and for those who get in, you can’t prove who you saw. The Magic Castle has a no photography rule, that is strongly enforced.   It is not cheap to go to the Magic Castle and the dress code is very strict or you aren’t allowed in. The Magic castle isn’t inexpensive for most budgets, so plan accordingly. Also, find a way to obtain Magic Castle tickets 3 to 4 months in advance of going there and book in advance.


When is the best time to visit Los Angeles?

March through November are the most popular times to visit Los Angeles, popular is not always best time to visit Los Angeles, since  best is subjective.

Every single day of the year is a great day to see awesome Los Angeles sightseeing tour locations, so let’s look at this question in a different way and try to define what the best time to visit Los Angeles is to you.

When is it least likely to rain in Los Angeles? Well, we rarely ever get rain, but when we get that rare sprinkle of rain that is around December or January, although it is sometimes sporadic when that occurs.

So, if you want to avoid the off chance of the smallest amount of rain, then December and January aren’t optimal for you.

When is it hot in Los Angeles? Well, depending where you are from, it is always hot. June, July and August are always hotter. Our weather can range from 21.11 celsius, also known as 71 degrees to over 40 degrees celsius, also known as 104 degrees. The hottest day this year on record is 109 degrees, however that number is disputed, with some saying it reached 118 degrees or 47.77 celsius.


When are you most likely to see a celebrity? Celebrities work all over southern California and some of the biggest studios are in what people consider to be Los Angeles, so there is always a chance you might meet a celebrity.

When is it cold in Los Angeles? That would be November through March, is what we consider cold. That is around 70 degrees and a hot day during that time is in the  80 degrees. In celsius that is 21.1 to 26.6, which even on a cold day, that we think is hot it still is nice.


So, now use all of that information and decide what do you think is a best time to see Los Angeles?

If you think the best time to visit Los Angeles is when it is cold,  then come from  November through March and get the 70-80 degree days, on average.

If you think the best time to visit Los Angeles is when it is hot? Then come June through August.

If you think the best time to visit Los Angeles is when there are celebrities here, then come every single day of the year.

That is a professional view over the subjective word best and when to visit Los Angeles.


What is Los Angeles like?

Los Angeles is a massive city, with beautiful landmarks and amazing areas to see, it what Los Angeles is like, is a different question. Los Angeles is one of the most popular places in the United States to see, but what they don’t show you on Television is the insane amount of traffic, and if you don’t know the area how you could get lost temporarily.

Los Angeles is like mixing together the rich, the powerful, and the poor altogether. We have the Los Angeles kings and Dodgers stadium, yet we also have some homeless people. We go to the areas with the best sights, so you see what most like about Los Angeles.

If you were in Los Angeles 5 to 10 years ago, it is like a different city. The city of Los Angeles has been going through a transformational shift since the late 1990’s to be as close to the Los Angeles you see on your TV. We have a far safer, nicer, and cleaner city which is wonderful to visit. We have yet to solve the traffic issue completely, but we are working on it.

Hotel maids in Los Angeles deserve and quite frankly, need a tip. While some sites say  $1-5 is an appropriate tip for a hotel maid in Los Angeles and elsewhere, we disagree with that. Hotel maids have a very hard job and provide excellent service with a large portion of people not tipping them.

Adding in the fact that on average a hotel maid in Los Angeles  have a job that doesn’t pay enough for a living wage in Los Angeles, we believe you should tip your maid $10 everyday, because different maids do your room each day. If you believe the maid did a bad job at your hotel, then do as you please, but if you are thrilled by the job the maid did in your hotel room , absolutely give them a tip that equals their professionalism.

How do I pay my hotel maid in Los Angeles?

The How part in tipping a maid is hard. Leaving money out, does not mean the maid will take it as they are careful to not take your money. The best way to tip your hotel maid in Los Angeles is to either use an envelope or a piece of paper that clearly states the money on it is for the maid. I go so far as to try to learn the name of my maid each day and put their name on the envelope. If I skipped a day I will put something like below

to: Monday Maid

Amount: $10

Great job! Thank you so much!


  • $5-$10 would be an appropriate minimum to pay your hotel maid in Los Angeles each day. in our opinion for excellent work by a maid, it should be met by a fair tip.
  1. Griffith Observatory is one of the most famous Los Angeles things to do and popular  sightseeing spots, because of how amazing Griffith Observatory is and because you can take a picture with the Hollywood sign in the background.
  2. Theme Parks: Are you into Los Angeles theme parks? We have everything from Universal Studios, Santa Monica pier, Knotts berry farm and many others that are tons of fun to go to. These are certainly things to do if you like a thrill.
  3.  Would you like to slide down the side of a 75 story building? We have that too! Some may say sliding down a 75 story building shouldn’t be a Los Angeles Thing To Do, but it is and for thrill junkies, it is a lot of fun.
  4.  Magic Castle: Do you love Magic? Do you have a friend who is a member of the famous magic castle? If you do, then you can attend one of the amazing and most exclusive attractions of Los Angeles. World renowned Magicians come to watch their friends perform while you can also come, if you can get a pass. This isn’t a cheap thing to do in Hollywood, which is a part of Los Angeles. Getting the pass is the first step, then you have to pay per person to enter and then pay for dinner. It is totally worth every penny, but for those on a budget, it is most likely outside your price range and if you don’t know someone, it is very hard to find a way to get in.
  5.  Do you love the Night Life and clubbing and  want to know where locals in Los Angeles do?   Then you will want to check out the viper room and troubador, two popular club locations and far cheaper than the Magic Castle, which is the most exclusive club in Los Angeles. The famous Los Angeles history of Troubador is worth a read.
  6.  Live performance lover and looking for things to do in Los Angeles? The Greek Theater and Hollywood Bowl have great performances from comedians and singers. You will want to check their websites, to see if there is anyone you want to see.
  7.  Broadway fan and looking for things to do in Los Angeles? We’ve got you covered with Pantages theater having shows like Wicked, Hamilton and many others tour from Broadway to Los Angeles and perform at Pantages theater.
  8.  Do you like instagram likes? Then you will want to go to Hollywood boulevard to the hollywood walk of fame for sure and go to the Griffith Observatory as stated above, as those are two very popular things to do in Los Angeles and top attractions.
  9.  Do you like celebrities? We go to select celebrities homes, which people love. We don’t spend our entire tour going to people’s homes, no, we want you to get a perfect tour doing things in Los Angeles, so we only go to a few select celebrity homes.
  10.  Do you want to do something none of your friends who have visited Los Angeles or maybe even live here have done? Ride the smallest train ride in the world! It is quite the story to tell your friends and is a thing to do in Los Angeles.

What is Los Angeles famous for some may wonder, but a better question is what is Los Angeles not famous for? Los Angeles is famous for our 75 mile coastline with beaches from zuma beach, santa monica beach, santa barbara beach, hermosa beach, the list of beaches seems endless.

Personally, I am unsure what life without a beach to go to would be like. The calming sounds of the waves crashing against the rocks, the musicians playing their music at 3 am out on the beach, because we also have Hollywood and a lot of acting gigs end at 2 in the morning, so it is nice to go to the beach at 3 AM.

Hollywood is quite the place, whether you go there for the actors, or Griffith observatory, Griffith park, Magic castle, or just to hang out with friends Hollywood has something for everyone. Universal city, which is part of Los Angeles is most famous for, yes you guessed it Universal Studios. Universal studios has their own security for everything and named the area where the studios and theme park are located Universal city.

You should absolutely check out Universal studio as it is one of the famous theme parks in Los Angeles, however we also have six flags, the small, but awesome rides on Santa Monica pier, knotts berry farm, and Warner Brothers, which while it isn’t a theme park, most of the time at Halloween it is to a degree with Warner Brothers Horror Made Here.

Of course, Los Angeles is also known for it’s nightlife, whether it’s the viper room in West Hollywood, or troubadour who has  Live Music with famous Los Angeles History, where performers who are now iconic performed there first, well, it is just one option, but what those in the night scene say they are both a  good option.


What Los Angeles is famous for might be summed up for the vibe, because we have something for everyone. Yes, we have Halloween town and you may be thinking that is just a movie, no, no it isn’t Halloween town is the most famous area in Los Angeles if you are in need of a costume, makeup or anything Halloween anyday of the year, however in no way, shape or form am I saying the best shops are in Halloween town. I personally like a shop near a restaurant you would never believe is owned by Mcdonalds called Bobs big boys.

Bobs Big Boys is a 1950s themed restaurant where you sit down and enjoy a delicious meal. Bob Big Boys appears to act independent from  what the Mcdonald chain is famous for, which is good, because we can guarantee you won’t find a MC anything on that menu.

So what is Los Angeles famous for? Being awesome, is the only way we can sum it up.

Some say Los Angeles is part of Hollywood, pasadena, Orange county, Beverly hills, hollywood hills, Ventura county, Thousand oaks, Santa Monica, and the list goes on for quite awhile.

It sounds absurd, since Los Angeles is just one town, right? Well, in reality Los Angeles is more than one town, it in fact is a county, Los Angeles county. So, why were other counties listed in the list of being part of Los Angeles? Well, while Santa monica certainly has the beach, and the Hollywood hills certainly has Griffith park and Griffith Observatory, the other counties are metropolitan areas of, you guessed it Los Angeles. Los Angeles encompasses 5-8 counties, depending on whose estimate you are going by. The Los Angeles times claims Los Angeles metropolitan area is 8 counties and has been claiming this since 1999. They claimed it was only 7 counties in 1900, but had to add in one more 99 years later.


The majority of people are fine with Los Angeles metropolitan only being the five counties, which has something for everyone. Burbank is north of downtown Los Angeles and has the Burbank airport, which does not support international flights, unlike LAX which is far more crowded, but does support international flights.


Culver City is west of Downtown Los Angeles and is the home of Sony pictures and the sony studio lot, which is quite amazing, which you can get to from downtown Los Angeles if you use public transportation.


Long Beach is south of Downtown Los Angeles and has the ship many say is haunted called the Queen Mary.   To make it extra scary every Halloween it is made extra scary.

Malibu is west of Santa Monica and is an amazing small, but awesome surfer location.

Monterey Park can be gotten to by using a TAP card and the metro trains. It is – east of Downtown Los Angeles and has great Chinese food.

Then there is Thousand oaks, which is part of the greater Los Angeles area, which has live theater, food, and plenty to see and do.

If you like giant shopping outlets, then just go a little further to the Camarillo shopping outlets where people come from around the world to shop.


Los Angeles is huge, when you include the greater area making around 18 million people living in what most consider to be Los Angeles. While Los Angeles is also just one town, it wouldn’t do the town justice to not include Hollywood, home to where some of the greatest videos have been made.

In Los Angeles county, you have china town, halloween town and so many other small towns, that aren’t actual towns, but are quite unique areas that you would certainly like to see. Most people don’t know about halloween town nor do they know it exists year round.

dodgers vs giants Wednesday at dodger stadium went into 12 innings, which is serious overtime. It was a seriously amazing moment when the San Francisco’s giants made a home run tying  the game in the 7th stretch 3-3.


By by the end of the 9th the game was still tied. The dodgers had one on first and another on third in the 12th inning. In an emotionally packed finale the dodgers hit the next ball far enough giving them enough time for the third base got home and scored a point making the game dodgers 4 giants 3.




What does Los Angeles Chinese Theater look like? This is what a lot of people want to know and thankfully we can show you!

Los Angeles TCL Chinese theater on Hollywood Blvd.


Yes, the TLC Chinese theater looks magnificent, yet is also 21st century friendly. Some refer to this glorious architectural company as Graumans Chinese Theater, either way it is a stop on Hollywood Blvd that is picture perfect.

The original Chinese Theatre opened in 1922. The Chinese theaters has been been home to amazing  premieres, including Star Wars. 

In 2013, the Chinese Theatre entered the 21st century by using imax theaters to give you the best theater experience possible. When you visit the til Chinese theater it becomes part of your Hollywood experience we hope you will remember for a long time. Our Los Angeles tours go to Hollywood Blvd and many other attractions.


Booking hop on hop off open top Los Angeles tours is popular for tourists who don’t know the area, but thankfully we do. Thermostats registered last Saturday at 118 degrees outside, which is extremely hot. Thankfully for our guests we do not do hop on hop off or open top tours, so they were in air conditioned Mercedes Benz. We went past open top hop on hop off tours and the people looked highly uncomfortable and unhappy unlike our tourists who were happy in everyone of our air conditioned Los Angeles tour bus.


We arent saying  hop on hop off open top Los Angeles tours aren’t good, however they do have some glaring flaws when applied to Los Angeles. The hop on hop off model doesn’t work well in LA where there is a lot of traffic, making a tour model that’s great in other cities not function nearly as well in ours. When you tour Los Angeles you need to have air  conditioning and great tour guides and we have both.

This is your friendly reminder that it is hot in LA, so be careful what type of Los Angeles bus tour you take!