Our LA Tour of Los Angeles theme parks and other popular attractions are a lot of fun. Whether you’re looking to have a thrilling ride at Magic Mountain, Disneyland, Six flags, Universals Studios, or one of the other thrilling attractions that we go to, we have all the fun for you to see!

Universal Studios Hollywood Tour including Despicable Me

There is so much to say about Universal Studios Hollywood that one of our blog posts contains a great deal about the thrills and chills you will have if you take one of our  grand Los Angeles tours that includes Universal Studios.

Universal studios King kong ride

If Harry Potter isn’t your thing, you can go tour the Universal studio movie lot and during the tour see King kong go crazy! It’s a lot of fun and you may be lucky enough to see where they are filming a show you like or even see an actor or actoress at universal studios.



Six flags Magic Mountain doesn’t need much of an introduction. If you love thrills and roller coasters this is where you belong. It is insanity on steroids for a thrill junkie and we are happy to take you there.

This is one of the rides at Magic Mountain that you will get to enjoy if you choose that to be part of your tour

magic mountain


Is disneyland California more your speed? Then maybe you would want that to be part of your tour? We have the entire Los Angeles experience that is fun for make a super customize private tour of Los Angeles and attractions.