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Hollywood walk of fame is a very popular Hollywood tour spot that we visit during our LA Tour, so naturally we take our customers there on our hollywood tours and on some of our Los Angeles tours and as you can see below they love it! The Hollywood walk of fame has the handprints of famous actors and actresses, like Ryan Reynolds, Amy Adams, Kevin Hart and so many more famous celebrities.

As you can see these customers are very happy at the Hollywood walk of fame making the peace sign and smiling a pearly white smile.

Walk of fame on Los Angeles Tour



Some of these famous moments in time where celebrities like Ryan Reynolds  get their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame have been captured and put online for you to watch.




The Disney Concert Hall was built by the architect Frank Gehry and was designed to look like a clipper ship with it’s sails filled with wind.  According to WTTW, this is due to Frank Gehry’s love of sailing.  The Disney Concert hall came to be, because of Lillian Disney who donated 50 million dollars to build a performance venue for the people and for people taking tours of Los Angeles. Construction of the Disney Concert hall had to stop, since the budget  needed to finish the construction of the concert hall far surpassed Lillians generous donation of 50 million dollars. Lillian did not know that her dream of a Disney concert hall  would take till  2003, although she may have known it would become an iconic Tours of Los Angeles stop for anyone taking LA Tours.


So many of our wonderful tourists have loved taking pictures in front of this amazing Disney Concert hall and have come from all around the world to take Tours Of Los Angeles.
These tourists came from Istanbul, Turkey and had a wonderful time with their selfie stick and posing in front of the Disney concert hall.




These tourists came from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to go on a Los Angeles tour and certainly loved their Tours Of Los Angeles!

This family from Australia loved our Los Angeles Tour and number wise Australians really love Tours Of Los Angeles! As you can see the kids rock star t-shirt  captures the soul and heart of Los Angeles.

#aussiesinlosangeles #dtla #tourofla

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Our Los Angeles city tours are incredible, at least our group of tourists from Istanbul, Turkey certainly like our LA city tour. As you can see they loved the Disney concert hall so much they had to get their selfie sticks out to capture the amazing moment and we had to capture it too. It shows how wonderful Los Angeles city is and how much people love the Disney Concert hall, which is just one of our many stops as we go through LA.

The Disney concert hall is considered to have changed America. Many famous people have performed here and will perform there. Lang lang will be performing Feburary 1st, Alan Cumming  on January 29th and John Pizzarelli in May. If you want a place with great music, then Los Angeles is the place for you to go. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Disney Concert hall, Hollywood bowl, or elsewhere, we will cover great amazing places in Los Angeles.



Griffith Park is one of our Los Angeles sightseeing tour destinations that has incredible sightseeing views and when we say incredible, we mean incredible. We were taking a group of tourists on a Los Angeles sightseeing tour at night and captured this photo that doesn’t do the city of Los Angeles justice nor the wonderful view from Griffith park.

As you can see in the photo  the city of Los Angeles is very busy and the city never sleeps. We love Los Angeles because of these beautiful views, the amazing things you will find and see that you can’t see anywhere else in the world.

Just by looking at the picture you can tell there is traffic in Los Angeles even at night, but you can also see how lovely LA city looks in lights. Of course, it also shows that plenty of people could remember to turn off their lights, but if that happened we wouldn’t have this gorgeous photo. We will continue to share our photos that show just a tiny little piece of the amazing sights you see on a Los Angeles sightseeing tour at night in Griffith Park.


Los Angeles is the place to be with movie stars, hollywood and so many amazing things to see, it can be overwhelming. We’ve been giving LA sightseeing tours for over 30 years and have great LA Sightseeing tour packages ranging from going on an LA Tour that includes Hollywood, Beverley hills, and other amazing places to our grand LA sightseeing city tour.

We know a lot of people have been making resolutions, so if going to Los Angeles this year was one of your resolutions and you wanted to go on a tour, then you’re in the right place. We provide the services to fulfill that new years resolution for you and you will have a great time! We hope you have a great 2017 and that we see you on one of our LA sightseeing tours.

Have you ever wanted to go to the Disneyland concert hall? Well, our grand los angeles city tours and our afternoon LA city tours stop at many places, including the Disneyland concert hall. As you can see this family from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia had a wonderful time on our Los Angeles city tours.

The picture says “Beautiful sunny day in Los Angeles at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, with a fantastic family from Kuala Lumpur, malaysia. Los angeles city tours make tourists quite happy as we’ve captured in other pictures




This one is a group of people from the country of Suriname enjoying a Grand Los Angeles city tour at Griffith Park with the Hollywood sign in the background. As you can see they are proudly holding up their countries flag.


Los Angeles Tours provide fun LA sightseeing tours experience. It doesn’t matter if you want to go to the Griffith Observatory, see the hollywood sign, or do fun things on a Los Angeles tour like eating fancy food in downtown LA or going to Universal Studios. We provide excellent service in one of our fancy LA tour buses, no matter what you want to do.

During Halloween we took people on Los Angeles city tours and we saw this spectacular sight that you can only see in LA. People aren’t freaking out, because this is LA! When you live in LA you get  used to walking with movie stars, ending up as an extra while crossing a street and other stuff that sounds crazy anywhere else in the world.  A giant monster crossing Hollywood boulevard is just part of a regular day on an LA tour.

Look what we saw on our LA city tour yesterday afternoon crossing Hollywood Boulevard. #halloween #losangles #hollywood

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Don’t believe us that a Los Angeles Tour comes with amazing sights? We took this epic picture on our Los Angeles city tour that shows you all of LA, the way it’s meant to be seen.

Come take our LA city tour! #LaCityTour #guidelinetours #losangeles #view

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If that photo from our LA city tour doesn’t look amazing, then maybe the fact that Los Angeles has a building that let’s you slide down the side of it on a glass slide will make you reconsider how amazing our city is. Los Angeles is  an extremely cool town with everything you can imagine, whether it’s a club for only beautiful people(no, we can’t make this stuff up), the LA Kings Hockey team at Staple Center,  Griffith Observatory, Universal studios, actors, and even some of your favorite tech companies who are located by Santa Monica beach. Our grand Los Angeles tours  also include Santa Monica beach  where we will let you go and see the same ocean and walk on the same sand that tech mavericks have walked on when they need a break.



If that wasn’t enough to wow you, here is an awesome photo taken by us on our Grand Los Angeles tour that goes to the lovely Griffith Observatory. We believe the Griffith Observatory  is even more beautiful in person, instead of just in an image.  You can see the real stars from the gateway observatory and enjoy the beautiful sight.


Here is a group of happy tourists on our Grand Los Angeles tour having a grand time at the Griffith Observatory with the Hollywood sign in the background. We make sure you see all the sights worth seeing, since we know how valuable your time is.


If this hasn’t been enough to show you that you can have a great time on Los Angeles tours, then keep an eye on our blog to see more amazing sights of Los Angeles by Guideline Tours!



LA sightseeing tours are amazing, but what’s the best part about Los Angeles? The weather! That’s why Tours Los Angeles owned by Guideline Tours is allowed to take tourists from all over the world across our beautiful city year-round, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. Some say the best time of the year to take Los Angeles Sightseeing Tours is in Fall and Winter — when the summer crowds leave the beaches so you can come explore them!

There’s no better time than now to take a LA sightseeing tour, whether it is a Beaches Only tour, or an LA City Tour with Beaches, with Guideline Tours! We’ll prove it to you — the average Los Angeles weather in October is a perfect 75 Degrees Fahrenheit, which is 23.8889 celsius. Now that weather’s not a problem, let’s go explore the  sandy beach shores Of Los Angeles! Our tour guides are experts in Los Angeles Sightseeing Tours, including the little beach communities of Venice and Santa Monica, which are hidden treasures that are amazing to see.
Here’s a Guideline Tours insider fact about Los Angeles’ most popular beaches. Did you know that the original “Muscle Beach” used to be south of the Santa Monica Pie, not Venice where it is now? The tumbling platforms, gymnastics, weight-lifting and bodybuilders were all in Santa Monica back in the day. But don’t worry, you won’t have to pick between Venice Beach and Santa Monica Beach, with Guideline Tours, you can see both!
So, don’t let chilly fall weather get you down, there’s nothing but blue skies here! Hang loose with us and we’ll tell you the best eateries, photo-ops spots and more along the Los Angeles Beaches Tour. Here is one of our photos of a group of people enjoying the beautiful weather on one of Guideline tours LA sightseeing tours.

Griffith Observatory Tour

Our Hollywood sightseeing tour takes you to the Griffith Observatory.

Do you want to go on a Hollywood sightseeing tour or on one of our extremely popular Los Angeles Sightseeing tours? Well, then Tours Los Angeles is the right place to learn about both Hollywood sightseeing tours  and Los Angeles Sightseeing Tours.  Tours Los Angeles owned by Guideline Tours has 30 years of experience giving high quality tours, so no matter what you want to do we can make sure you have a great time sightseeing Los Angeles and Hollywood You already know Hollywood has some of the most famous places in the world to see including the Chinese theater, which has an exquisite architectural design leaving you in awe at its beauty. If you are going on a   Hollywood sightseeing tour you have to see the Hollywood walk of stars where movie stars have put their handprints, and have their own star in the walk of stars which is a big honor for anyone to receive. It doesn’t matter if you’re an LA local or if you’re  a tourist, you will want to go on a Hollywood sightseeing tour to see these places in style.

Almost everyone has heard about the legendary Hollywood sign and if you’re taking a Hollywood tour, that is something you must see. It is a sight that’s very hard to forget.  Another Hollywood wonder of entertainment is Universal Studios, which we described in our Los Angeles Tours experience blog post 

If you go to Hollywood and take a Hollywood tour that doesn’t go to the Griffith Observatory, then you are missing out on a great sight that is a monument to public astronomy with telescopes and more. There is so much more to experience in Hollywood and if you want our help seeing it, you can review our packages to get a better view of what we offer and how we can customize your tour to be amazing.

Los Angeles may be one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in the world…but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to navigate! When you visit the City of Angels, you need a trusted friend, guide or local Los Angeles tour guide to make sure you see it all! That’s why we have provided excellent LA sightseeing tours for 30 years. So what is it like when we help you see Los Angeles? Well, first we make sure you see the sights in style by providing one of our luxurious vehicles, whether it be a Mercedes Benz or another vehicle to take you on your LA bus tour, we take you on tour in style. If you decided to take one of our Grand Los Angeles tours, we make sure you get to all the must-see LA highlights, including a variety of movie star’s homes, the Hollywood Sign, Beverly Hills, Hollywood and other wonderful areas of Los Angeles that you have to see before you leave our amazing city.

While there are an endless number of Los Angeles favorites from our staff of knowledgeable LA tour guides, here are two must-sees straight from the Guideline Tours team!

If one of your dreams is to see the gorgeous Pacific Ocean, then hop on our LA sightseeing tour before heading off to the wonderful Santa Monica beach. Santa Monica is a little piece of heaven most people don’t know about, with amazing spots only locals have discovered – not to mention, it’s an Instagram-lover’s dream!

After relaxing at the Santa Monica beach, it’s time to wave goodbye to the Pacific Ocean, and turn your sights on the other most magical spot in LA! Say hello to Universal Studios, where you and your family can venture into Harry Potter’s world and get back to Hogwarts! Guideline Tours can take you to the entertainment capital of LA, where you can explore the quaint town of Hogsmeade and board “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey” to actually face Dementors in 3D, before you kick back and dine at The Three Broomsticks with a pint of delicious butterbeer. Guideline Tours will be there to bring your day to a close, and take you back to your hotel in absolute comfort.

Those are just two of our staff-favorite highlights of the city. Make sure to check back for more Guideline Tours-approved destinations in LA!