At World Funding Summit Convention? Go On Los Angeles Tours For A Break

If you’re at the world funding summit convention, you should take  Los Angeles tours. We don’t say that just because tours are awesome, but because you as an investor are in an area where you usually aren’t and may see promising ventures as you go on a tour of Los Angeles.

As a tour of Los Angeles, you will see all the unique and amazing things that we see everyday, but you have a unique view and may see places or people who are worth investing in. You can also just take a break from all the investing talk and go sightseeing so you can enjoy sunny Los Angeles.


The World Funding summit is November 17th-19th, which will have you enjoying a sunny Saturday. The weather is perfect for a tour of Los Angeles as no rain is predicted.

You can leave all the investing at the door and jump on a tour or look at things with your unique eye, trying to see where deals are in sunny Los Angeles while touring the city. It’s completely up to you how you spend your time at the world funding summit convention. We hope you do well at the funding summit and look forward seeng you on our tour.


Why DIY Los Angeles Tours fail & How Los Angeles Tours By Guides Are Great

I am someone who knows Los Angeles pretty well, even though I am not one of the companies Los Angeles tour guides. While walking from New York Pizzeria to Pantages Theater, I felt bad for anyone trying to get around this neat, amazing but also quite unique town on their own who didn’t have someone to help them.

Why did I feel this way? Well if you want to go on a Los Angeles Tour or Los Angeles sightseeing tour but you want to do it yourself for free, you may want to think again.  You aren’t used to the city, you aren’t going to be used to seeing people walking around in costumes and street performing among a mob of people you have to get through. This seems a little out of character, but nearly anything goes in Los Angeles when Hamilton is about to start.

Hollywood tours in los angeles
You see monsters in Los Angeles, more than anyone would expect.

Sometimes you just have to be there to understand some of the more absurd  things I’ve seen in Los Angeles, however one important thing to any situation is how you outwardly respond to the situation, which is the case a lot in Los Angeles and in life.   You may feel  overwhelmed if you aren’t used to Los Angeles and some of the more unique sites you’ll see just being in Los Angeles city.  You may not know how to react when it’s not halloween and someone is turning theirself into a monster in line waiting to order their food while they put monster teeth in their mouth. You may not know how to react when a person who now looks like a monster comes up to you and asks if their teeth are in your booth, that they used to sit at before you. You may  crack up laughing or ignore the person. depending on the situation.

You do not want to have to try and figure out how to drive in the Los Angeles traffic while giving yourself a DIY Los Angeles Tour. The traffic is crazy, but locals have figured out how to navigate it.

Professional Los Angeles sightseeing tours are what we offer and we make a Los Angeles tour easy and not one bit overwhelming, which is why we try our best to tell people you don’t want to do it yourself, because you have no idea what you’re getting into when you try to do a DIY Los Angeles tour. We know how to provide the Los Angeles tour you want, whether it be Los Angeles sightseeing tours,  Los Angeles theme parks and the beach tour, like Universal Studios, etc.

We have over 30 years of professional Los Angeles tour guide experience to everyone who takes a tour with us, which is why we have won Tripadvisors certificate of excellence 5 years in a row, and won the Viator 2017 travel award. We make Los Angeles tours fun, which is what our customers think and what you can see from the many, many pictures of happy Los Angeles tourists on one of our tours who were smart enough not to do a DIY Los Angeles Tour.

Los Angeles Tour From Cyprus
Los Angeles Tour from Cyprus
Los Angeles tour New York Family
Los Angeles tour family from New York
Universal Studios on a los Angeles Tour
Universal Studios on a los Angeles Tour


To conclude we hope you don’t do a DIY Los Angeles tour, because that can ruin your vacation. We look forward to giving you a professional tour of Los Angeles, the right way.

American Speech-Language-Hearing 2017 in Los Angeles

The American Speech-Language-Hearing convention of 2017 will be in Los Angeles at the Los Angeles convention center. If you are unfamiliar with the american speech-language-hearing conference, then keep reading. This conference is for audiologists, hearing scientists, speech-language pathologists and anyone else in the linguistic field.


While the ASHA website does have a handy link to show you some of the things you may want to see while in Los Angeles, that site does not nor can it let you see the city the way we do. We take you on tours to all the great los angeles sightseeing tours locations. Where we go depends on each Los Angeles tour package you choose, however we are experts at Los Angeles tours, just like those speaking at the American Speech Language Hearing convention are experts in their field.

We give tours to people from all over the globe. As you can see this happy family is from Angola.

This couple is from Tel Aviv, Israel just leaving the original farmers market.

We pride ourselves in giving  great tours, so if you need a break from the convention or have some free time, just come grab a Los Angeles tour with us.