Los Angeles Grand City Tour To Farmers Market Outside Maggiano’s Little Italy



We went on our Los Angeles Grand City  tour and stopped outside Maggiano’s Little Italy where our awesome tourists wanted their pictures taken. We had stopped at the original Los Angeles farmers market, also known as the grove for lunch which our customers really liked, as you can see in the picture.  Our tourist love tours of Los Angeles wit our professional Los Angeles tour guides, which is why we are on the first page of Trip Advisor.



While you may not know about the original farmers market, we sure do. They have all sorts of delicious food you can get and is only one stop on our Los Angeles Grand City Tour.  The building behind us is Maggianos Little Italy which is also in The Grove Of Los Angeles, California.

So, where else do we go on our Los Angeles grand city tour?

We go to the walk of fame, which these people love, because Los Angeles grand city tours are awesome. The Hollywood walk of fame is indeed a special place and a memory you won’t forget. As you can tell, these people are quite happy as is everyone else who goes to the Hollywood Walk Of Fame on our Los Angeles grand city tour.



Yes, we also go to Beverly Hills and Rodeo drive on our Los Angeles Grand City Tour. People love Beverly Hills, just like this couple who loved their tour.

Fun Couple from Texas. #beverlyhills #hollywoodtour

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We go to many other places as well, which you can witness on our Los Angeles Grand city tour.

TripAdvisor & Viator 2017 Travel Award For Los Angeles Tours

A top rated Tour company by Tripadvisor & ViatorViator, owned by Tripadvisor  has given us their five star 2017 travel awards and calls us one of their top rated partners.   We have been given prestigious awards from Tripadvisor for our los angeles tours since 2012, which makes this our fifth year in a row of being given an award by tripadvisor for our Los Angeles tours.


If you are looking for Los Angeles tours that are considered top rated by Tripadvisor and viator, two of the biggest names in the travel industry, then you have come to the right place. We will make sure you have a great Los Angeles tour experience, since we have been giving LA tours for over 30 years. We give private tours, our afternoon tours and many other types of tours, which you can check out on our Los Angeles tour package page.


Tripadvisor Los Angeles Hop On Hop Off Tours

We offer tours better than Los Angeles Hop On Hop Off Tours on tripadvisor and on our site. We do this because Los Angeles hop on hop off tours have huge gaps while you don’t know what to do and the buses get stuck in traffic, so they can’t get to you. We make it so you don’t get stranded, you go Los Angeles sightseeing without worrying about the bus not picking you up after they drop you off.


We take you to great sightseeing locations in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Los Angeles, and Santa Monica among many other towns. We go to the Hollywood walk of fame, Griffith Observatory, Rodeo drive, getting your picture taken with the Hollywood sign in the background. We have so many happy people on our tours everyday, but don’t take our word for it, their pictures speak volumes which we show below.

This family from Italy had a wonderful time on our Los Angeles Tour and were never stranded due to Hop On Hop Off Los Angeles Tour problems.

Great family from Italy. #italiansinla #losangelestour #tourofla

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If you booked a  hop on hop off tour from TripAdvisor, Expedia or any other site and went to Paris, you probably had a good experience. If you book a hop on hop off tour for Los Angeles on Tripadvisor or Expedia, you aren’t going to have a great Los Angeles tour experience, because of the way Los Angeles is designed. It isn’t any companies fault that hop on hop off tours don’t work well in Los Angeles, but you the consumer need to know that tour model does not work well for you in los Angeles and you will be wasting your precious time on your vacation if you decide to use  a company that uses that business model.  Tours Los Angeles designed our tour buses, so you won’t run into the horrid problems that hop on hop off buses have, because we are a local Los Angeles company and designed our tour company to work the best possible for anyone who takes it, since we’ve experienced the issues in other business models.  We’ve won the Tripadvisor award of excellence  5 years in a row. That’s hard to do in this business and that is in part due to our great way of letting you see the city of Los Angeles and our extremely professional Los Angeles Tour staff, since we know Los Angeles like the back of our hand.