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Private Tours Los Angeles

LA Sightseeing Tour Private tours in Los Angeles will never cease to amaze you, because there is always new fun things to do in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills & Hollywood area. Do you want to slide down the side of one of the tallest glass buildings in Los Angeles? Well, now you can. Do you want to see the Griffith Observatory? It’s there and a stunning sight to see when doing fun stuff in Los Angeles. There are all sorts of wonderful sights and fun stuff in Los Angeles that there is so much to do and see on a private Los Angeles tour, we tell you what our favorite areas are or you customize it to your hearts delight.

What we are saying is when we give private tours in Los Angeles, there are so many different fun things to do in Los Angeles, that each day is different and has something new to it. While on a Los Angeles private tour you might want to see the newest attraction in Hollywood, because Hollywood is always trying new things to let people know about their amazing shows. You may want to eat at a new restaurant or you have a favorite restaurant in Los Angeles that you absolutely love. There are all sorts of things in los Angeles, that you can see and do, whether it’s a robot at your hotel that delivers you food or Universal studios in Hollywood that brings magic to life. It’s impossible to count how many fun things to do in Los Angeles exist, but we certainly can’t forget about the wax museum.

Tours In Los Angeles, Beverly Hills & Hollywood

Tours in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills & Hollywood on our LA Bus tour are epic. Our customers love our tours of los angeles, because Los Angeles isn’t just one city, it’s a series of cities and where that border ends is sometimes disputed. We go all the way from Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and many other towns on our tours. Some of our tours go as far out as Santa Monica, which many call silicon beach, which is the Silicon Valley of Southern California.

Why Tours In Los Angeles are great

Tours in los Angeles let you see amazing things on the bus tour, whether it be unusual sights like the  monster below, or a famous celebrity out eating lunch. We see it all, because we’re around everything that makes Los Angeles what it truly is, which is an amazing place.

Hollywood tours in los angeles
Hollywood Tours In Los Angeles, let you see monsters like this.


Tours of Los Angeles include Hollywood, which some call Hollywood Tours, but to us they are pretty much the same thing, because Hollywood is part of what people consider to be Los Angeles. Some of our personal favorite areas are the Hollywood sign, Griffith Observatory,  the Farmers Market, and many more. There are so many things to love here, like Rodeo drive in Beverly hills to the amazing architecture of the Los Angeles buildings, that we can’t choose just one thing that, in our opinion makes Los Angeles the best place to go on a tour in Southern California.

What will I love about taking a tour of Los Angeles?

You will love something that another person may have not liked as much, which is why we have so many amazing pictures from people who go on Tours in Los Angeles who take pictures at so many different locations. We have taken pictures at the Disney Concert Hall, Griffith Park, Pictures of people in front of the Hollywood sign, the hollywood walk of fame, and of course in front of the Beverly Hills sign. There are so many places to take a picture that will make life long memories of your time on a Los Angeles tour that the choices are truly endless. You can look at the photos below to get an idea of some popular places to take photos on our tours by other customers.


As you can see these people were quite happy at the Hollywood walk of fame on their tour, which blends hollywood tours and Los Angeles tours together, because they truly are one place if you live here and know the area, like we do.

Walk of fame on Los Angeles Tour
Hollywood Walk of fame on a Los Angeles Tour


This picture of Beverly Hills that we took is quite popular, but just think you could experience this on a tour of Beverly hills while being on our LA tour. It truly is as wonderful as it appears in the picture, and something you want to see in reality.

Fun things to do in Los Angeles while visiting Beverly Hills


When you think about Hollywood and fun things to do, you instantly think of Universal Studios, because it is a blast. If you want to go to Universal Studios, we will take you their on your  tour of Hollywood, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and all the other towns that make up what the world knows as Los Angeles.

Universal Studios on a los Angeles Tour
Universal Studios on a Los Angeles Tour


The Hollywood Chinese theater is famous, as it should be, because it is amazing. You can see it on a grand tour in los Angeles or on a private Los Angeles Tour

Hollywood Chinese theater
Hollywood Chinese theater