Los Angeles Tour Vacation Packages Are Great

Ah, vacations in Los Angeles are wonderful, but tours in Los Angeles make it amazing, which is why  Los Angeles tour vacation packages are awesome. You will see a lot of interesting things in Los Angeles. When you book a hotel, you might end up at one with a robot or you may not. When you book a Los Angeles tour package, we tell you where we are going, but every day in LA is very different. We’ve seen all sorts of things in Los Angeles that you can’t see anywhere else.

What’s in A  Los Angeles Tour Vacation Package?

When you book a Los Angeles tour with us, you know what you’re getting. We go and see the sights of Hollywood, Los Angeles, and Beverly Hills. Some places we stop during our Los Angeles tour vacation packages are the Griffith Observatory, hollywood walk of fame, Rodeo drive in Beverly Hills, and let’s not forget certain tours go to the beaches.

If that doesn’t sound amazing, then you can tell us what makes up an amazing Los Angeles tour by booking a private Los Angeles tour package where you customize every single thing we do.  We provide excellent customer service and make sure you get to go sightseeing in Los Angeles if you want too.


Los Angeles Tourists shows Fun Things To Do In LA

Los Angeles tourists love to know where the fun things to do in LA are located, so naturally we know where all the fun stuff is at and are happy to share it with you.


   Fun things to do in Los Angeles



#1  Griffith park

Griffith Observatory Tour

Our  pick for fun things to do in Los Angeles is  Griffith Park, which is home to the Griffith Observatory. If you like to check out their amazing telescope,  gaze at  the hollywood sign that you can see from Griffith Park. You can also see the absolutely amazing views of Los Angeles from Griffith park, so due to that it is our favorite fun thing to do in Los Angeles.

#2  Rodeo drive in Beverly Hills

Fun things to do in Los Angeles while visiting Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is considered to be part Of Los Angeles, even though it is it’s own town, which we go to on our Los Angeles city tours. When you go to Rodeo drive you can go to the most chic and hip stores, like Chanel, Loro Piana, Bijan and so many more fun things to do.


#3 Los Angeles Beaches in Santa Monica

LA sightseeing tour spot Santa monica beach
Santa Monica beach part of our Los Angeles tours


Our 3rd favorite thing to do in Los Angeles is going to the beach on our Los Angeles city tour that includes the beach. We will take you to the same beach that the silicon beach geniuses walk on and has been used in Hollywood movies and TV shows including NCIS: Los Angeles, Charlie’s Angels, episodes of The suite life of Zack And Cody and countless more.


#4 Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Hollywood walk of fame Photo by Deyvid Setti from Wikimedia CommonsOur 4th fun thing to do in Los Angeles is the Hollywood walk of fame. When you go to the Hollywood walk of fame, you will see these stars names in the cement and the names and handprints of famous Hollywood actors. Hollywood walk of fame is saved for the most famous actors and is a great tour stop, that as seen below tourists truly love.

Walk of fame on Los Angeles Tour

#5  Hollywood Chinese Theater

Hollywood Chinese theater
Our 5th favorite thing to do in Los Angeles is the Hollywood Chinese theater, which is very famous and has amazing architecture to say the least. It is one of the most well-known theaters in Hollywood that we go to during our Los Angeles city tour.





Los Angeles Bus Tours & Hollywood Bus Tours — Tours of Los Angeles

LA Bus Tours
LA Bus Tours by Tours Los Angeles

Los Angeles bus tours and Hollywood bus tours are great. You get to see all the amazing sights with an expert Los Angeles tour guide. Our customers like our Los Angeles bus tours, because we take them to all the amazing places. We will show you some of the places we take our customers  on a normal day during a Los Angeles Bus Tour in this article.


           Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory Tour


Griffith Observatory is a breathtaking sight that let’s you stare at the stars inside of it. You can see all of Los Angeles on this tour and it truly is breathtaking. You are at an elevation of 800 feet, so you can see everything from the Hollywood sign to all the buildings in Hollywood and Los Angeles.

Our Los Angeles bus tours or our Hollywood bus tours, depending on which one you chose for the day will then whisk you away to another amazing sight. What sightseeing location you go to is all up to which Los Angeles Tour you booked.

Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Walk of fame on Los Angeles Tour

If you are on a Hollywood Bus tour, you certainly will see the Hollywood walk of fame, because it is so amazing. So many stars including Tom cruise and countless others have put their handprints in the wet cement, leaving an imprint of their hand forever. Who knows, maybe someday thousands of years from now historans may wonder why so many handprints are in one place with names, like Gene Austin, Tom Cruise,  Gene Autry, and so many more.

Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Tour
Unlike the Beverly Hillbillies, you will be going to Beverly Hills in style on an LA Bus Tous in one of our luxury Mercedes. Beverly hills has everything from Rodeo drive to amazing shopping. We certainly love Beverly Hills and love going there on our Los Angeles Tours.


LA City Sightseeing Tours Seeing Great Attractions & sights

LA City sightseeing tours are very popular at Tours Los Angeles, since on one of our tours we  go to Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, the Hollywood Sign, the Walk of Fame, and the famous Chinese Theater. On another Los Angeles city sightseeing tour we stop at Sunset Strip, Beverly Hills, Rodeo drive, and select movie stars homes.

Our LA city sightseeing tour that includes the beach visits the towering skyscrapers in Downtown Los Angeles – the city center. There you will see the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, where the Academy Awards used to be held. Then we visit the world renowned,  Griffith Park Observatory, Where you will see the Hollywood Sign. Then on to the world famous Chinese Theater via Hollywood Blvd, where you will see the amazing Walk of Fame and view hundreds of foot and hand prints of stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Eddie Murphy, John Wayne, and many more.   Then we will go to Downtown Beverly Hills that has the most exclusive shops on  Rodeo Drive including Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Chanel and many more. Next we go to the Farmer’s Market before we go to the gorgeous Pacific Ocean


If you want a private LA city tour, then you customize the trip to your hearts delight or trust your tour guides who go on tours every day to know the best places. If you want to go to the beach, we are going to the beach, if you want to go to Beverly hills and go shopping, then you’ll go have a blast! Want to see the staples center? No problem. On Our private LA city tour, you see LA your way.



Beverly Hills Tours Of Los Angeles

Beverly Hills Tours of Los Angeles are great! What are Beverly Hills tours Of Los Angeles? It means that we take you to the amazing town of Beverly Hills while you’re on a tour of Los Angeles. We know our tourists love it, so you will too. Our tourists look so happy in front of the Beverly Hills sign, the guy on the left wearing his green polo shirt, white hat and sunglasses. They got to see so many amazing sights on their Beverly Hills Tours Of Los Angeles.

The Beverly hills sign is a much sought after sign everyone wants to see and is a beautiful photo opportunity for you to take, however there are other great photo opportunities on our tours.


Fun Couple from Texas. #beverlyhills #hollywoodtour

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If you don’t want to take a picture in front of the Beverly hills sign on your Tours of Los Angeles, then you can get a picture in one of the most jaw dropping locations where you can see all of Los Angeles and even further. Our griffith Observatory pictures during our tours of Los Angeles are absolutely amazing as you can see below.

The man in the middle wearing a purple button down shirt in front of the Griffith Observatory fence  gives you an amazing view of Los Angeles seems to be quite happy and having a great time and the young lady on his left with the pre-torn jeans and black shirt seems to be having a great time on her Tour Of Los angeles as well. If you look to the right of the guy wearing a purple button down shirt, the lady wearing a green jacket seems to be enjoying the Griffith Observatory photo opportunity and had already gone to Beverly  Hills on her tour of Los Angeles.  The lady to the right of her wearing a black shirt with white polka dots and black pants seems to be enjoying the Los Angeles tour as well.

As far as we can tell, they absolutely loved their tour!