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Griffith Observatory Tour
Our Hollywood sightseeing tour takes you to the Griffith Observatory.

Do you want to go on a Hollywood sightseeing tour or on one of our extremely popular Los Angeles Sightseeing tours? Well, then Tours Los Angeles is the right place to learn about both Hollywood sightseeing tours  and Los Angeles Sightseeing Tours.  Tours Los Angeles owned by Guideline Tours has 30 years of experience giving high quality tours, so no matter what you want to do we can make sure you have a great time sightseeing Los Angeles and Hollywood You already know Hollywood has some of the most famous places in the world to see including the Chinese theater, which has an exquisite architectural design leaving you in awe at its beauty. If you are going on a   Hollywood sightseeing tour you have to see the Hollywood walk of stars where movie stars have put their handprints, and have their own star in the walk of stars which is a big honor for anyone to receive. It doesn’t matter if you’re an LA local or if you’re  a tourist, you will want to go on a Hollywood sightseeing tour to see these places in style.

Almost everyone has heard about the legendary Hollywood sign and if you’re taking a Hollywood tour, that is something you must see. It is a sight that’s very hard to forget.  Another Hollywood wonder of entertainment is Universal Studios, which we described in our Los Angeles Tours experience blog post 

If you go to Hollywood and take a Hollywood tour that doesn’t go to the Griffith Observatory, then you are missing out on a great sight that is a monument to public astronomy with telescopes and more. There is so much more to experience in Hollywood and if you want our help seeing it, you can review our packages to get a better view of what we offer and how we can customize your tour to be amazing.

Los Angeles Tours & LA Sightseeing Tours Experiences You Should Expect With Guideline Tours

LA Sightseeing Tour
An LA Sightseeing tour view of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles sightseeing city tours helps you see  one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in the world, because it isn’t easy to navigate.  When you visit the City of Angels, you need a trusted friend or local Los Angeles tour guide to make sure you see it all! That’s why we have provided excellent LA sightseeing city tours for 30 years. So what is it like when we help you see Los Angeles? Well, first we make sure you see the sights in style on our LA Bus Tour in one of our luxurious vehicles, so you take an Los Angeles city tour in style. If you decided to take one of our Grand Los Angeles tours, we make sure you get to all the must-see LA tour highlights, including a variety of movie star’s homes, the Hollywood Sign, Beverly Hills, Hollywood and other wonderful areas of Los Angeles that you have to see before you leave our amazing city.

While there are an endless number of Los Angeles tour favorites from our staff of knowledgeable LA tour guides, here are two must-sees straight from the Guideline Tours team!

LA sightseeing tour spot Santa monica beach
Santa Monica beach part of our LA sightseeing tours

If one of your dreams is to see the gorgeous Pacific Ocean, then hop on our LA sightseeing tour before heading off to the wonderful Santa Monica beach. Santa Monica is a little piece of heaven most people don’t know about, with amazing spots only locals have discovered – not to mention, it’s an Instagram-lover’s dream!


After relaxing at the Santa Monica beach, it’s time to wave goodbye to the Pacific Ocean, and turn your sights on the other most magical spot in LA! Say hello to Universal Studios, where you and your family can venture into Harry Potter’s world and get back to Hogwarts! Guideline Tours can take you to the entertainment capital of LA, where you can explore the quaint town of Hogsmeade and board “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey” to actually face Dementors in 3D, before you kick back and dine at The Three Broomsticks with a pint of delicious butterbeer. Guideline Tours will be there to bring your day to a close, and take you back to your hotel in absolute comfort.

Those are just two of our staff-favorite highlights of the city. Make sure to check back for more Guideline Tours-approved destinations in LA!